We do not simply furnish spaces. We create surroundings and environments where people can exist and coexist. We create spaces and regenerate places to conduct focus, progress, dialogue, results, well-being, and community. We do all this with high quality and a passion for innovative design.

Challenging the norm, and customizing special solutions that meet our customer’s needs. Because we put people first in everything that we do. In addition to that, our sustainable focus in all processes and products means that we protect the environment as much as possible and take responsibility without compromising on quality and design.

Our Approach

At Zkay our core values are Quality, Innovation, Sustainability and Room for Diversity. Performing at our best in every way is a vital requirement. Our mantra is ‘If better is possible, then good isn’t good enough’. It is a promise that we will deliver quality of the highest calibre – every single time.

We want to be original. To push limits. To seek out the untried possibilities and start new trends. In short, we want to be innovative in our approach, method and final product.