S40 Work Desk

S40 is a series of work desks developed from a slimline design concept, which leaves a stylish and
minimalistic expression. The tabletop is made from Valchromat, which is 30% stronger than MDF
and holds the same sustainable profile, being FSCā„¢ certified and recyclable.
Both the tabletop material (Valchromat) and surface can be customized in multiple different
combinations of colors, creating a unique expression. The cabling is integrated in the table, leaving
nothing to hang underneath the table, and all features are intuitively placed in Design Tags in the

  • Available in 11 assorted sizes in lengths of 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600 & 1800mm.
    Optional with either 1 or 2 Design Tags with power or lamp outlets, USB plugs or QI-charger
    117 color and surface combinations to create a unique expression
    Tabletop surfaces in either regular laminate, soft laminate, linoleum, matt Valchormat or oak
    4 assorted frame colors and surfaces
    Fixed height or electrical height adjustment with built-in inline actuator from Linak
    2 assorted control panels (along the table edging or integrated in the tabletop)
    Applicable options for screens, monitorarms and desk lamp