UNNIA is an extensive collection of chairs, armchairs and benches with a unique concept of color
and finish combinations. The design allows plastic or upholstered seats and backrests to be
combined, in one or two colors, with a varied range of bases. This makes it possible to configure an
endless number of customized designs that adapt to a diversity of contexts, spaces or decorative
styles. In addition to the plastic versions, the collection is completed with the upholstered versions
featured in the UNNIA TAPIZ catalogue to form one great family. The result is a comprehensive and
versatile collection characterized by its conceptual purity, its fluid lines and its timeless spirit, but
above all by being highly customizable.

  • Large family of chair
  • 9 different bases in several finishes
  • Plastic parts in 12 colors – can be mixed on seat and backrest
  • Seat or fully upholstered in several fabrics and in leather