Spaces with room for the heart and a helping hand.

When we create room for people at hospitals, care facilities and institutions, our focus is on using furniture and décor to instill a sense of calm, security and comfort. We do our best to help people feel at home.

We have a talent for creating public spaces that are inviting and cozy, comfortable and practical, while meeting requirements for ease of cleaning and ergonomics.


The success criterion for any assignment is always how the user perceives and feels about the space. This is why we actively listen to their wishes.

We work with you to create the right conditions to make everyone feel at home in. comfortable and user-friendly surroundings with room for warm-heartedness and a helping hand.

Patients and users are often in vulnerable situations and we are conscious of the responsibility that working within their private space entails. We therefore approach every assignment with care, respect and sympathy. It takes unique skills and an eye for detail to design environments in these situations, and we are proud to be chosen again and again as a partner in this area.


You can’t be good at everything. This is why we collaborate with dedicated consultants who only operate within in the health and care sector. They have comprehensive knowledge and experience of accommodating the many factors that enter into play.