We create spaces that promote better and more flexible learning.

We know that children and young people learn best in environments that stimulate their senses and desire to learn. We therefore have high ambitions for the physical environments you and your colleagues create for pupils, students, teachers and staff.


Activity-based spaces for primary and lower secondary school

Both pupils and teachers are faced with a wealth of activities in primary and lower secondary school. This places huge demands on the school’s design and the students’ ability to be flexible. There must be room for academic immersion, for working in large and small groups, for project work and for physical activity and play.

We have broken down school life into five overall learning zones, which we use as a basis for creating spaces that meet the needs of both teachers and pupils.
The five zones are:

• Oration
• Interaction
• Reflection
• Hands-on
• Recess

Working with the five zones helps us ensure the best possible conditions for success for the activities that most often take place in a school day across all disciplines.

We don’t believe in a one-and-only right way to design environments. We believe people vary, so schools should vary, too.


This is quite a claim. However, through our extensive work with school environments, we can see that there is something to it. Motivated teachers and staff have a positive effect on pupils. Our evaluations show that a combination of good management and a well-planned interior design concept result in higher employee satisfaction and less absence due to sickness.
When we create good, functional and comfortable environments for your staff and pupils, it improves social interaction and cooperation across teams, disciplines and classes. It may even result in smarter children and higher satisfaction.


Identity-forming environments for Higher Learning

We want our upper secondary schools, colleges and universities to buzz with life, knowledge and the sharing of ideas. We want to create spaces that encourage people to spend time and get involved in both academic pursuits and social interactions. Well-planned and fitted-out learning environments can help retain people and pique their interest in a place, its history and vision.

We work with you to consider your educational institution as a whole. With our comprehensive portfolio, we can offer you guidance on:

• Specialized classrooms with a clear identity
• Neutral classrooms that are appropriate for multiple disciplines
• Environments dedicated to project work and collaboration
• Spaces for social activities and relaxation
• Concentration areas for individual students
• Teaching facilities designed for preparation, collaboration and social interaction

In close dialogue with students, teachers and experts, we develop unique environments where functionality, comfort, uncompromising design and, not least, a high degree of flexibility help stimulate learning.
We work closely with relevant representatives from your school in the development of our interior design solution. Together, we shed light on your educational institution’s physical identity and develop an interior design concept that is recognizable, commands attention and embraces your identity. While at the same time, providing the perfect environment for learning.


We can handle your project – no matter the size.

Whether it is furnishings for a new school, a long-term plan for the school’s interior design or extra tables and chairs to be used with existing classroom furnishings – we have done it all before and we will do it all again. Our experienced project managers are your guarantee that we can get the job done together.

From preliminary sketches and ideas to delivery and installation.

Our extensive network of suppliers and factories are ready to help.
This gives you access to the largest collection of both designer and standard products. If you can’t find a standard product that suits your project, made-to-order products is everyday fare for us. We customize to suit your needs.